Rose cardigan from Italy (M-XXL)

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The most beautiful hand knitted cardigan with rose pattern.
Handmade from Italy.

Size L/XL, but good for sizes M-XXL (EU 38-44/46) depending on desired fit.
It will be quit oversized on a EU 38 and more fitted on a EU 44/46.

Length: 68 cm
Armpit width: 64 cm (wider style)

It has a lot of character and charm. The cardigan slightly curls inwards at the bottom, similar to a bomber jacket, but less obvious. It is also a wider model.

Knitted by an Italian grandmother; it doesn’t get any cuter than that!
Material: wool or wool mix. Most likely 100% wool.

As with any vintage garment, signs of ageing or wear can be expected. That is part of the charm. This cardigan was knitted a long time ago, but still looks great!
There was a small hole near the buttonholes, but this has been mended (see second-to-last photo). There were also a few stains throughout, as the cardigan has been waiting on a shelf for a while. I have been able to reduce the colour of the stains so they are less visible. See last photo for an example. There are about 5 small spots on the cardigan, the last photo shows the one on the sleeve. They are the most visible.

* Item shown on a size XL (1.65m) for reference